Presentation: ‘The Karma of give and take: How Culture affects the space of E-commerce’; ESOMAR Global Qualitative, Paris, Nov, 2015

Powerful forces of culture can impact the adoption of the modern notion of e-commerce. In India, myths that date back a thousand years still affect the psyche in relation to e-commerce. It would be misleading to assume that the trajectory of e-commerce adoption in the developing markets would mimic the Western markets.

For this paper, we worked with our client Abhijit Patnaik from OLX, an online classifieds company, to understand the cultural barriers to buying used goods online. By deciphering these cultural barriers, we developed a model that can be applied across developing cultures to analyze e-commerce, based on the socio-cultural context. Global researchers and clients working with developing markets can refer to this re-interpreted model of adoption, to identify the exact trajectory of the market in terms of adoption of e-commerce.

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