Pro Bono Insight Training



What is Pro Bono insight Training?

In a VUCA world, the most effective way for developing winning activations and getting a competitive advantage is be constantly connected to the consumer pulse – values, fears, role models, trends, desires, aspirations etc., that define how and why they choose a brand. Often these decisions are irrational & emotional. In an over-cluttered market and with the consumers having an attention span of less than 8 seconds (as per Microsoft) in a digitized world, identifying insights that are the key to these ‘emotional’ decisions can lead to successful marketing strategy/communication, innovations and other activations.

This also means that ‘insights’ are not the job of a single function or the immediately related functions like Marketing, Sales and the CMI. Every function in the company driving the marketing mix needs to be a part of the insights culture – including R&D, trade marketing, ad agency and even the senior management.

Pro Bono Insight Training is a cross functional workshop that brings you a step closer to building a meaningful brand by guiding you on how to connect the business to the consumer side. This is conducted by the Directors of Vox Populi, with over 26 years of experience on the client and agency side, which means that they can effectively guide you on how to identify and also action insights.


When should you use it?

When you:
  • 1
    Need to build a consumer centric culture in your organization to help guide your marketing mix, in order to stay relevant and distinguish your brand(s) in an over-cluttered market.
How does it work?
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  • Through a creative approach to presenting, and various fun, interactive and interesting examples from the market, we train cross-functional teams on understanding, identifying and implementing insights – Consumer, Category and Brand.

  • This, in turn, feeds into building a high synergy because all functions start working from the same deep understanding of insights, which in turn can help your brand stay ahead of the curve.

  • Moreover, because we are passionate about research and about passing on all our acquired consumer ‘wisdom’ over the years, we do this pro bono. In the past, we have conducted this for various brands, including one of the biggest E-commerce brands in India, where we spoke to 75+ people that included their product, marketing & merchandising teams.