Set your potential free! Changing perspectives for success

Our take: While we are proud of our traditional societal structure and feel that it serves a good purpose, there is a downside to it. People are expected to ‘behave their age’. Many in their late 40s settle down to a mentality of retirement, waiting for their dreams to be fulfilled by children – possibly it is sourced in the old Government job retirement age of 58 years. Harvansh Dua once again exhorts us to question these accepted notions and rediscover youth in creativity. As partners at Vox Populi Research, Satya and I mentor a lot of youngsters – the sad truth is that many young people too are rigid in their ways and unwilling to take risks. Cocooned in comfort by increasingly affluent parents, sometimes youngsters are confused between a world that talks of adventure, travel and ‘smart’ rather than hard work AND careers that require the hard slog (if you find one where you don’t require this, please hire me). Let us look to Dua to try and understand how a changed perspective can unlock the potential within us.