What you can learn & apply right away from the ESOMAR Qual conference (1st post: What the Tumblr gen can teach us about research)

For all those who could not attend the ESOMAR Global Qualitative conference in Paris, this is a quick update on what we got out of the various papers (I will be posting one a day) – our researchers at Vox Populi have written out a sort of digital cheat sheet to help you decide which papers (#longread) you want to read. At the very least, it will help you pick ideas quickly to apply to your work (#quickpick). The quality of the papers presented was of a high standard (I say that without a blush as a speaker, as I am not referring to my own :). P. S.:Dear speakers, if you want to add or change anything in your summary, please let us know.

First an acknowledgement to the people of Paris to decide to get on with their lives despite the circumstances, to the ESOMAR organising team who took a tough decision to continue and also turned out a flawlessly run event, and to the speakers and attendees. The venue was immensely pleasing aesthetically and the Poken made life very easy to exchange cards.