Workshop: ‘Jugaad’ (frugal innovation): The Secrets of doing more with less in Positioning Research’; MRS Impact, London, March, 2015

With tight timelines and slashed budgets as the norm rather than the exception across both developing and developed markets, researchers have to think of ingenious solutions to make do with less.

By using the Indian concept of Jugaad (loosely translates to “the gutsy art of overcoming harsh constraints by improvising an effective solution using limited resources.”) we demonstrated how researchers can solve the problem of finding strong positioning platforms via short-cuts that save time and money. By using insights available in the public domain in the form of social indicators like cinema, TV shows etc. we showed how it’s possible cut short the stages of positioning research.

If you are interested in reading the presentation, please write to us at
raji.bonala@voxpopuliresearch.com .