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Developing Winning Activations – Innovations & Retail

What is Winning Activations?

Firstly, most companies have project based interactions with consumers, which are infrequent and fragmented in nature. Secondly, for companies with multiple brand managers going out to immersions, but with the same target group, there is no common database of knowledge that emerges as a result of those visits.

This results in:

  • A lack of transfer of learning across different teams
  • A lack of long term perspective; a tactical rather than a strategic approach
  • An overall low ROI from research
  • Decisions around possible innovations and retail strategies not being based on consumer insights


Consumer immersions is a quarterly consumer immersion and workshop program that brings cross-category and cross-functional teams together. In each quarter, we focus on one big objective – a business problem that we set out to solve – and gather insights that will help solve the problem.


When should you use it?

When you:
  • 1
    Base your innovations and retail strategies on a strong database of consumer knowledge.
  • 2
    Take a long term strategic approach to gathering insights.
  • 3
    Solve a business problem/marketing challenge that conventional research cannot solve for.
  • 4
    Sensitize your marketing/ consumer insights team to the perspective of the consumers.
  • 4
    Do an on-going course correction on marketing initiatives.
How does it work?

A 3 Stage process:

Pre-tasks to get acquainted with the consumers’ world.
a. Consumer Immersions where you can immerse yourself in the consumers’ lives by observing their environment (at home and in-store) and get an inside peek into consumers’ vocabulary, trends and habits.
b. These are combined with several creative techniques to make the experience engaging for the teams as well as the consumers.
Cross Functional Workshop
A highly structured cross-functional workshop where we based on the collected consumer insights, we develop innovation & retail strategies.