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Two decades in market research. Yet, the same curiosity about the way consumers think and behave. The same delight in discovering why they are just so. And a passion for sharing this insight in ways that are simple to understand & easy to activate. Winning research solutions that sell products, make stronger alprazolam. We have client's side research experience. So we know what you want because we have been there. We give you senior researcher involvement and professionalism. What drives us? Learning, fun, a love of research and happy clients.





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Satya Bonala has over 26 years market research experience, both on the supplier and buyer side. He specialises in consumer quantitative research and B2B research.


Satya has worked in agencies in India (AC Nielsen & IMRB) and as an Account Planner in Contract Advertising. His Middle East experience included AC Nielsen, TNS NFO and 5 years on the client side with IFFCO. In Canada he worked with Gfk Research and a technology consultancy called Frost & Sullivan.


In Canada he was responsible for the biggest consumer tracker while working with GfK. Satya has exposure to diverse categories, markets and consumer segments. His business vision and strategic input are valued by clients, and his client servicing is par excellence.


Satya is also a passionate runner. In the last five years he has completed three 50 km runs, two full marathons and 8 half-marathons











Raji has over 26 years of experience on both the supplier and the buyer side. She specialises in Qualitative Research.


Raji worked with Quantum Market Research and IMRB in India, Nielsen in Egypt & TNS/ NFO in UAE. After 8 years on the supplier side, she moved to Kraft Foods in Dubai and worked for 5 years. In Canada, she worked with Kraft Foods again and Johnson & Johnson.


In her role on the client’s side, Raji has experience in business plan consulting & strategic counsel. Raji has extensive experience in the application of provigil 200 mg in positioning, concept & advertising development, product development and innovation work. She has done a quite a lot of rural and semi-urban research in India.


Raji has done a course in social-cultural Anthropology from the University of Toronto and has experience in ethnographic research. Raji is a trained yoga teacher and volunteer at










Amit, a graduate of Commerce and Economics, brings along close to 20 years+ of rich experience in Market research and strategy development. Previous to joining Vox Populi, he has worked with Ormax Consultants, GfK, Nielsen, TNS India and TNS Middle East and Africa.


Over the years Amit has gathered experience across categories such as FMCG, telecom, finance, dairy, and personal care products. He is an astute communicator who reconciles all available data points & local consumer understanding to produce the best strategy for the clients. His inclination towards bringing creativity in what he does has helped him develop smart research designs, project management norms and reporting outputs such as animated videos.


His colleagues would tell you that he brings passion, enthusiasm, desire, and a WILL-DO attitude with him every day. His goal is to make every member of the team a dynamic success by pushing them to think out of the box & strive for excellence.


In his free time Amit works with a friend of his in the area of education for girls living in rural India. Apart from this, he can be found roaming the streets for some great street food.










Yogesh is a performance driven entrepreneurial market research professional with 20 years of significant and progressive global experience across multiple industries and categories in Middle East & North Africa, India and Indonesia. A statistics postgraduate, Yogesh has previously worked in agencies like Nielsen, TNS and Kadence in India, Middle East, Africa and Indonesia.


In addition to the usual research methods, he has an extensive experience in projects ranging from Brand tracking, U&A, Product testing, concept testing, customer satisfaction. Currently, he loves working on new products in the space of neuroscience for communication testing.


He is a proactive leader who never waits for someone else to do his job and strives to treat everyone with respect and kindness, while clearly defining goals and providing the right tools to succeed which in turn helps directly contribute to the research process/output.


An avid foodie, Yogesh loves experimenting with international food, especially seafood. He also enjoys spending his evenings out at Karaoke bars.













our core team



Adita Ghosh







Adita Ghosh has over 4 years of experience in market research. She has done her masters in English language and literature from EFLU. She has worked across a diverse portfolio of categories and worked in categories such as beverages, confectionary, e-commerce, durables, F&B, luxury lifestyle, alcohol and tobacco.


She has gained experience in exploratory, communication testing, concept testing and positioning studies with a niche for deep exploration, segmentation studies.


She has also been involved in political research work and has a keen interest in rural research. She is passionate about finding stories hidden in the heap of data that helps her uncover the human insights and trends.












Anupama is a post-graduate in PGDM from Rajagiri Center for Business Studies, Kochi and has been a researcher at Vox Populi Research for over 4.5 years. Being a South Indian who has practically lived most part of her life in North India allows her to understand and appreciate both the cultures. This comes in handy when interacting with consumers as it allows her to lend an empathetic ear to consumer needs.


She enjoys interacting with consumers and has moderated over 150 units including focus groups, immersions, ethnographies and rural research. She specializes in ethnographic, exploratory, product and concept testing and communication testing research. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, cooking and watching movies.












Mehak has over 4 years years of experience in market research, both quantitative and qualitative research. A psychology graduate from Delhi University, Mehak went on to pursue MBA in Marketing from IBS Hyderabad. As a quantitative researcher, she has worked on various FMCG products including tobacco and the tech space.


She has been working as a qualitative researcher since the past 3.5 years on categories such as confectionery, household cleaning, personal care products, technology, political research campaigns, etc.  Off work, she likes to devote her time towards Nichiren Buddhism circuits within the city.












Noopur Sharma is a post-graduate in Sociology from Ambedkar University and has been a researcher at Vox Populi Research for over four years. She specializes in exploratory research, concept testing, brand diagnostic and innovation studies. Noopur has presented a presentation on ‘Tradition and modernity in India; dialectic not dichotomy’ for QRCA International chapter webinar series with Raji Bonala.


She has a keen and curious outlook towards research problems and pushes beyond what is obvious in the data. This helps her adapt to research problems from diverse categories and find effective and actionable solutions for brands. She has an interest in post-modern Sociology and Sociology of deviance that helps her to think beyond the normative. In her free time, she enjoys reading varied kinds of poetry and dancing.





Chitra Srivastava





Saikat Chakraborty has 6 years of experience in market research. He is an MBA degree holder in Marketing from  IISWBM, University of Calcutta. As a quantitative researcher, he has conducted several concept/ campaign/ product usage evaluations, baselines & tracking studies using statistical tools and methods. He has worked across commercial portfolios such as FMCG, confectionery, food and beverages, financial services, e-commerce, and personal care. He has an interest in Chess & loves to read about finance & economics.












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