People who work at Vox Populi Research have one thing in common—they are passionate about research and they believe in caring for & inspiring each other every day.


We are a proud team of young, motivated, talented, and forward thinking individuals who strive to work hard each day and stay ahead of the curve.

Training isn’t a one-time event here

Training isn’t a one-time event here. With our focus on continuous learning in the form of lunch and learns, and on-the-job training and development opportunities, you’ll get the chance to broaden your skills and be better at what you do.

An opportunity to push your career to the next level

You’ll have the opportunity to be mentored by senior researchers. You will learn to think strategically, and also manage yourself and your career in the new age business world.

With plenty of challenges and opportunities around the corner you’re sure to adopt new skills and contribute significantly to new projects, including servicing and learning from clients based abroad. We believe in fostering and recognizing excellence. Once you show us what you’ve got, you can also expect quick advancement through projects/ opportunities suited to your temperament.

Travel exposure

Here’s what some of our
team members are saying:

“Before I joined Vox, I was an introvert; I was perhaps too structured in my ways. But, as a result of all my work related travel, I have become more open to new experiences. After having interacted with different kinds of people – whether clients, consumers or even my colleagues, I have grown into a more flexible, open-minded person, and have been able to fully realize my creative potential.”

yukti arora
Senior Research manager

“Working in Vox has given me exposure to varied projects and profiles. On a daily basis, I am working on handling the operations of all kinds of projects across geographies, going from financial services, e-commerce to FMCG! I have also been able to dip my feet into quantitative research. I have learned to juggle multiple responsibilities and have grown into a better professional. I enjoy the team spirit at Vox and always like to be at the center of action!

Akansha Sharma
Operations manager


I was a statistician who dealt with a lot of numbers and reams of data and was unfamiliar with the world of qualitative market research. My seniors identified my capability and now with some intense training and development at Vox, I have also become a successful qual researcher. I specialize in research with children and have moderated over 200 units with kids between the age of 8 and 18 years old. I also have the freedom to bring innovative ideas to the table – and we’ve experimented with many new techniques for researching children. The work environment is easy going and relaxed. Work becomes fun at this organization.

Swati bhatnagar
Senior Research manager

I come from an analytics background. After joining market research at Vox, I have developed a new perspective on different sectors and markets with different consumers and customers. The chance to jump from one project to another across industries and the ability to inspire clients’ basis the results of the study is very exciting. People here are very supportive and passionate and that inspires me to keep contribute more.

Nikita Shankar
Assistant Research Manager