Creative Fuel



What is Creative Fuel?
Storytelling to develop powerful script ideas

There exists a great chasm between the promise of gaining a holistic understanding of your target consumers and the reality of it – given that with an increasingly digitized world, real emotions lie beneath the layers that can be hard to excavate.

Creative Fuel helps brands overcome these limitations:
  • 1
    We use storytelling to decipher the Cultural Unconscious (Joseph L. Henderson, Jungian psychologist) consisting of the beliefs, social codes, conflicts and fears that affect decisions.
  • 2
    This helps break through the overt personas of consumers by tapping into their innermost feelings, memories, and images; and helps reveal deep cultural imprints lurking beneath layers of ‘social posing’.
  • 3
    Ultimately, leading to powerful scripts and eventually, communication.
When should you use it?
When you:
  • 1
    Are struggling with finding newer and more relevant ideas for communication.
  • 2
    Feel that your brand has reached a stage of stagnancy and need a ‘revival’ strategy.
  • 3
    Have a new product and need to brief the creative agency to come up with script ideas.
  • 4
    Need compelling and deep stories from consumer lives to act as inspiration to the creative team.
How does it work?
Using the building blocks of co-creation and gamification:
  • 1
    We place the brand in the consumer socio-cultural context and ask them to come up
    with stories around the brand.
  • 2
    Meanwhile, the ad agency sits in the client room where they come up with script ideas
    based on the consumer stories – inputs into the creative brief.
Creative fuel has given rise to 3 successful ads for an FMCG giant. Out of these three ads:
  • 1
    One performed significantly above the norm in Millward Brown LINK testing, much to the delight of the brand team!
  • 2
    Another ad led to a 2.3% increase in penetration.